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Solutions: LifeCycle365 offers leading management services, orchestrated to accelerate and streamline IT processes and projects during migration and implementation allowing for real-time visibility of metrics.

Methodology: Standardized processes are often missing, which leads to projects failing to realize their full potential though the needed technology or even talent is present. LifeCycle365 uses leading methodologies and tools to optimize company projects, portfolios, and programs to deliver tangible business results.

Consulting Services: LifeCycle365’s expert approach is designed to support partners and clients with a passionate and focused Data Migration and Data Governance professional. I have dedicated my careers to technology with a proven track record of success, just ask me how!

Message from Greg…

Life has given me lemons more than once, and well, I have both successfully created lemonade and failed to do so more than a couple times as well! One thing I know for sure is that I will never give up, and when I fail, I am one step closer to success. You see, I am not a ‘glass-half-full’ or ‘glass-half-empty’ type of person because I know that the glass can be refilled at any time to assure it is never empty!

I get and live technology, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Hybrid, the Cloud, and communications while being one of the few individuals that actually pursued a career in the realm of my college degree. Since receiving my bachelors I have achieved a few additional certifications from PMI.org and Scrum.org, that I will speak to later. If you want to read more; check out the links in the footer menu below!

My favorite suit and tie!

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do…

– Jeff Olson


Senior IT Project Manager

Project Implementation Coordinator
Professional Scrum Product Owner
Professional Scrum Master
Senior Software Development Project Manager
Senior Program Manager
Senior Product Manager
Lead Applications Instructor
Delivery Manager
Client Services Manager
Retail Sales Manager
Assistant Retail Store Manager


Sharp HealthCare | www.Sharp.com
ResMed | www.ResMed.com
eMolecules | www.eMolecules.com
SaaSplaza | www.SaaSplaza.com
SantexGroup | www.SantexGroup.com
New Horizons | nhlearninggroup.com/sandiego
Satellite Security Systems | closed for business
Classic Sounds | www.ClassicSounds.com
DialComm | closed for business
MobilWorks | closed for business
Dow Stereo & Video | closed for business
Metal Masters | closed for business

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