Welcome Blog

A long long time ago, just after the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was Geocities, AOL, Anglefire, and MySpace… Those times are since gone (thank heaven) and yet here I am, writing a thread on my personalized Website, with the calendar about to change to 2020. Wise ones say that hindsight is 2020 and well I feel it is time to reflect on the past while looking to the future. Many of these reflections and stories will be posted here, when I get a chance or remember to do so.

On this site I will make note of memorable events and experiences while also displaying my skills, achievements, and resume. Though I had not used WordPress in some time, I selected it as my CMS platform over Drupal for simplicity purposes. That said my posts here will come in the form of a blog and yet they will not always appear to be as common or ordinary.

You see, I am what I call a native San Diegan as both of my parents were from La Mesa, CA and I was born in Merced, CA. While my father was in the Air Force I was brought onto this Earth at a military base that no longer exists and shortly afterwards Mom, Dad, and I moved back to La Mesa where I call ‘home’. From there my life went as others have; grade school turned into junior high which lead to high school and my first job at Dow Stereo & Video. At Dow I solidified my passion for electronics and then I moved on to MobilWorks and subsequently Classic Sounds where I met a fantastic dude Martin Samo. Then I decided that I needed to get my degree and then find a career (rather than a ‘job’) so I completed by AA at Grossmont College and got accepted to Cal State San Marcos where I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration.