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PMP Bootcamp Experiences

About the course: Dates: January 27-30, 2020Duration: 4-days (35-hours)Location: San Diego, CA (Little Italy)Instructor: Joe DOrganization: Project Management Academy (PMA)About: My thoughts: So this course (PMP Bootcamp from PMA) is an experience that I have been postponed for long while. When I mean a long while, that is nearly 10 years… Since passing my […]

Resume | Hotpoints

PM for multiple software development projects concurrently with cross-functional teams work both on- and off-shore Implemented Atlassian Jira, for Scrum with sprints of two-weeks including for eCommerce software development Product Owner of development teams up to eight members with sole ownership of all product backlog items (PBI) Scrum Master for a teams up to four; […]

Resume | Overview

TECHNICAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR A seasoned, collaborative, and certified professional with a proven track record since 2001 on software development teams and in information technology (IT); as a dedicated client portfolio and stakeholder advocate.  Works well within an agile and dynamic environment with an innate ability to overcome roadblocks and mitigate risks, with skills straight from […]

Welcome Blog

A long long time ago, just after the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was Geocities, AOL, Anglefire, and MySpace… Those times are since gone (thank heaven) and yet here I am, writing a thread on my personalized Website, with the calendar about to change to 2020. Wise ones say that hindsight is 2020 and well […]